Friday, January 27, 2012

Fill in the blank brought to you this week by a combination of Laura @ & Erin of A Symphony of Grace. While I love Lauren and her blanks being the wanderluster I am these might be my favorite!

1. My favorite place I've ever traveled to is Europe. Is this cheating? I love certain aspects of the United States but London and Edinburgh just stole my heart. Amsterdam and Brussels were perfect and Paris...was magical...It's amazing How everything is so old and how you can't help but stumble across some sort of culture and history everywhere you turn. It's amazing.

2.Italy and Greece... is somewhere I'd love to go someday. (But honestly I really just want to go everywhere!).

3. I pass the time on a plane (or bus, or car ride or train) by reading, or by sleeping (I take Dramamine or a Valium and have a drink...and I am outttttt. I don't usually recommend drugging yourself. BUT when  you are someone who gets air, train and plane sick and your do what you can.

4. My three must-haves when I travel are my iPhone, sunglasses, and wallet....otherwise I won't get much done. If wallet/passport is cheating...I'd say comfy shoes!

5. My favorite travel companion is my Aunt Lisa. We've had a few adventures together traveling from Arizona to Colorado...hitting up the grand canyon, going to San Francisco and I stay with her constantly in Colorado and Arizona, and she's perfect. We have the same types of interests....and she's the best...have I ever mentioned she is who I want to be when I grow up?

6. The craziest thing that ever happened to me while traveling is I can't think of anything really crazy. I got to be in London and wait in line when the 7th Harry Potter Book was released...that was pure madness....also in Scotland I had to do my laundry in a castle. But really, I haven't had anything absolutely crazy happen (THANK GOD!).

7. The most exotic food I've ever tried while traveling is I haven't been anywhere where things are crazy...I refused to try black pudding (vomit). .....I'm not picky but I guess maybe I haven't been that adventurous.....


8. If I could live anywhere else, I'd live in I always say I'd love to live in Colorado, San Fran or London/Edinburgh. But truth be known I enjoy being close to my if I could live anywhere else it would be Charleston, and I am going to do my damnedest to make sure that actually happens!


9. I have been to twenty-two states in the U.S.(Arizona, Alabama,Arkansas,California, Colorado, Florida,Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin


  1. Laundry in a castle??!! How fantastic. There's a short story in there somewhere, I swear it! (I'm over from the little things we do. Hello :) )

  2. Hi Jaclyn,
    You actually just inspired me to write the story of doing laundry in a Scottish Castle!



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