Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Listicles : 10 Things I do quite poorly...

1. Cleaning - yes, I know how too. But I am lazy. My laundry is never caught up, my bed is never made (today it is made!), and my trash usually needs to be taken out. Now I'm not dirty...I have a clean area, I just never put things where they belong...and I NEVER am caught up on laundry!

2. Running- if a serial killer, is chasing me...they will catch me (unless we're in some body of water...I'm pretty quick in water!). I never believe you should run unless you're being chased...and well I shouldn't even bother to run then because, I am slow...and look like a penguin.

3.Organization - I realize this falls under the whole "cleaning" thing. However, I am not organized..I wish you guys could see my desk right now. It's pretty pathetic. Like...really bad......It's amazing...

4.Saying No. "Krystle, want to help coach water polo, even though you don't know the sport at'd be a great aspect with your swim coaching abilities." WHY DID I SAY YES! Haha, I'm having fun, but it takes up sooo much time! I can never say no to anyone which is what leads to me waking up early and staying up late helpingpeople do things. And yes, this applies to pretty much every area of my life.

5. Drawing - I am awful. My stick figures barely look like stick figures! I have mastered the art of drawing trees, and that is about it....

6. Grammar -I know I am an English teacher! But, I'm awful at remembering to use it. If I sit, think and edit I am fine. But, if I just go with it, we have a problem.

7. Doing my own hair. Thank the Lord, that I have thin, straight hair...that dries on its own and doesn't need to have much done except washing it! Because otherwise, I'd be in trouble...I do not blow dry, straighten or book. I can do the occasional side braid, a pony tail and a sloppy bun. I can also just leave it straight..that is the extent of my hair doing.

8. Hanging with Friends- I am so bad at hangman it's pathetic. Like...awful.

9. Budgeting - ahhh! THis probably falls in line with being awful at saying no! I want to go everywhere and do EVERYTHING!

10. Deciding things. I am in deceive...I can never make a decision! It takes me forever to decide what to eat! I just am not great at making a decision.


  1. You made me think of a few things I probably should have put on my list... like budgeting! I'm with you on the cleaning and organizing, though. 100%.

  2. Maybe throwing the stick figure in the water will help. Mine are terrible, bet way worse then yours. But let us not turn this into a competition :)
    I am dreadful at saying no. And cleaning, and ....Hope you are blowing your budget on plane tickets somewhere magical!

  3. You might have to work on number 4 or you're gonna run out of hours in the day! And congrats on making your bed today!

  4. Ha ha ha! I totally hate running too!

  5. LOL, great list. I have a clean-ish area, if I pile everything on my unmade bed. Hope you're always around water if those damn serial killers strike.



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