Friday, April 13, 2012

30 Day Book Challenge; Day 3 - Your Favorite Series.

 This is probable the easiest questions of the challenge to answer. What book did I travel to London for to study British Children's Literature AND to be there for the Book 7 debut? What book did I wait for at midnight several times? What book captured my attention as an impressionable 8th grader?

That would be the Harry Potter Series.

They are entertaining, well-written and a huge piece of my childhood. The Harry Potter Books are probably my favorite books and their role in my life has been huge. The Harry Potter books taught me what it meant to truly study literature, that there were multiple meanings to a text, and sometimes a locket wasn't just a locket. The Harry Potter books were there for me as I grew up and they may be the reason I went into teaching today. I hope to give someone their own Harry Potter experience.

I remember in 8th grade my English I Honor's teacher put up a poster of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in her classroom. The poster was a beautiful copy of the cover...and I was intrigued. I thought the poster was beautiful. I asked Mrs. Martini about the book and she simply told me that I should read it. I did...and the rest is history. I'm sure I would have eventually stumbled upon the books. However, I am sooo grateful that I was introduce to the magical world of Harry Potter in 1999 in Mrs. Martini's room, about a year after it was released in the United States. This gave me a few months of restless anticipation before book 2 was released. I remember my mom wanted me to wait and read it when I received it as a present...that is until I introduced her to the series and she understood my urgency!

Anyways, the Harry Potter Series is my favorite series, and has a very, very, special place in my heart....on my bookshelf...and even on my iPod/iPhone.

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