Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Travel Tuesday: Leaving on a jet plane.

Today I am once again linking up with Semi-Charmed Kind of life for her series titled Travel Tuesday. I strongly suggest you hop on over to her blog and check her out and link up if you choose!

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Today's topic? Airplanes! How do you pass the time?

Let's put this idea out there first and foremost. I HATE flying. I have been flying since I was 7 months old and have flown quite a bit but I hate it. I get a bit air-sick (not like when I was little), I'm a big girl (5'11" and weigh too much) I am claustrophobic and I suffer from ADHD so when put on an airplane for any amount of time chances are I'm going to be uncomfortable and ready to jump out the window.

However, I have learned some tried and true ways to get through a short or long flight. So here is my list of advice.

1. Whenever possible I book a flight that has an individual TV for each seat. I like having options, it distracts me...and I love trivia. Delta's planes with their in flight trivia competitions are my all time favorite. I am quickly distracted by trying to beat the old man in 32C and have completely forgotten that I am hurtling through the air in a tin can, and my stomach feels like it is being twisted into knots!

2. I bring multiple magazines, and at least two books. I love to read...so this is a no-brainier...now I also have a nook so magazines and my nook suffice. If the flight has no televisions (or it has TV and your in the one seat in the whole plane that it's not working for), or you're just not intrigued by what they have to offer you always have your own materials as back-up. Plus, people are way less likely to talk to you when you're reading then when you're playing in-flight trivia!

3. Alcohol & Drugs- This is more of a longer flight suggestion. But when I fly to Europe it's usually overnight and I'd really rather not be conscious for it! This is where a drink or two and then a Valium or a Dramamine come into effect. I tend to go for the Dramamine to help combat the air-sickness....however, I've used Valium and it also worked beautifully. This is a sure fire way to knock yourself out and allow for hours to pass by without even realizing it.

4. Bring snacks...I know people eat when they are bored. But seriously, airports have awesome options...fresh fruit, cheese, or splurge on your favorite candy...m&M's are fun to suck on. Gum and hard candy are great for helping with eats....you'll just be happier and more settled if you have something to snack on!

5. My last piece of advice? Think about the destination. Chances are no matter what there is something you're looking forward to traveling towards. Returning home after a long trip? Your bed is probably super comfy, or your dog will be stoked to see you! Heading to a funeral think about catching up with old relatives or seeing the sites of a town  you haven't been back to in awhile. There is a positive in EVERY travel destination even if it's I'll be on land again! Keep that in mind as you put all your faith into one of those fancy flying machines!

That's my advice....besides the obvious like...always get a window or an aisle....never sit in the middle!

Hope you enjoyed this link up and I look forward to hearing about your own airplane adventures!


  1. Great post! Thanks for linking up. :) I have never played trivia before, but that sounds right up my alley! I usually fly Southwest, and they don't have TVs, but I'll keep that in mind next time I'm on a high-tech flight.

  2. I linked up with Megan too. I like the suggestion to think about the destination. I used to have a fear of flying and I think that is great advice!



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