Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am Thankful for...

My brother - he is back home and living on the East Coast again. We are only 18 months a part and quite simply he's my best friend. I am so glad to have him home for two weeks. I've been mega stressed the past few weeks and having him home has really mellowed me, and calmed me down. Not to mention I've been eating great (did I mention he is an AMAZING chef?).

Sweatshirts- Yes, I live in Florida. Yes, it is a millon degrees outside. But, last night I was caught in a torrential downpour while coachign a meet. I literally looked like I had gone swimming and my clothes reflected that. Seriously, I could not have been anymore wet. I had time to run to my classroom change clothes quickly and then change run to host trivia. I WAS FREEZING. The bar/restaurant that I host at wasn't that cold by I was chilled to the bone, and VERY thankful for my sweatshirt.

Post-It-Notes: Because seriously, I have no idea what I would be doing without them. ( I seriously feel like my classroom looks like this.

Paper Clips
Paperclips- Because, without paperclips...I would be buried in paperwork....seriously.

My Dad- He knows I'm struggling with a lot of things (whose the genius who put her brain surgery on a credit card) and has been helping me well as sponsoring my swim team.

My Mom- Because, she's put up with my bitching and moaning for a few weeks now and doesn't seem to mind.

This Blog- it provides an outlet like no other...even if no one read its.

I am thankful for all of these things, and more.

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  1. You have at least one reader- and I am betting many more than you know about. And BTW- AMEN on the Post-It notes. Can't imagine life without them! Keep blogging!



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